The ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Finale Finally Answered The Season’s Biggest Mystery

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We will have full coverage of the two-part Fear the Walking Dead finale tomorrow morning. In short, there was more good than bad, but perhaps the most disappointing turn in an otherwise thrilling finale is how the wrinkle in the mythology of The Walking Dead universe that we were seemingly promised never materialized. Indeed, for many critics and viewers alike, the compelling question that pulled us through the otherwise slow previous two episodes was the knowledge that we would finally get an answer to the season’s biggest mystery: How did Alejandro survive a zombie bite?

As it turns out, he didn’t. Alejandro was a fraud, and we the viewers were duped as much as the people of La Colonia who put their faith in Alejandro.

We learned early on in the back half of this season that the pharmacist Alejandro had managed to rise into his leadership position of La Colonia by allowing the people of that colony to believe that he had been bitten by a zombie and survived.


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