Has ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Given Us Our First Glimpse At Next Season’s Apocalyptic Sanctuary?

10.18.16 2 years ago

In the season two finale of Fear the Walking Dead, we got a brief glimpse of a helicopter flying over what appeared to be a refugee camp right across the American-Mexican border. Nick and Luciana set out with a group of other people toward that camp hoping to find other survivors and, perhaps, a future. However, before they could cross the border, they were met by armed militia men who shot a few people in their group and captured Nick and Luciana.

We never got to see the refugee camp. However, according to showrunner Dave Erickson, viewers should expect to visit the camp next season, but the show “may not stay there very long.”

One reason the show may not spend much time there, perhaps, is because the show’s new web series will explore the area in advance of season three. As it did between seasons one and two, AMC has launched a new series of webisodes for the series. The 16-part Fear the Walking Dead companion mini-series is called “Passage,” and like the “Flight 462″ mini-series, each episode is about one minute in length.

Here’s the synopsis: “A fearsome survivor agrees to help an injured woman in exchange for an apocalyptic sanctuary.”

My guess is that the “apocalyptic sanctuary” is the refugee camp Nick saw at the end of last season. We don’t know if any of the characters in the web series will land on the parent series — as two did, briefly, from “Flight 462” — but the setting could show up again when Fear the Walking Dead return.

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