Here’s Your ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Character Refresher — All The Characters Who Made It Onto The Boat

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Though Fear the Walking Dead began with the initial embers of the zombie apocalypse, by season’s end, the characters had pretty much accepted that civilization was in the toilet. That’s a long way to go across six episodes, but when the show makes its return on April 10, we’ll be getting a nice 15-episode chunk that will allow the creative team to jump right into the action. And in The Walking Dead world, this means new characters and probably the deaths of a few regular characters in short order.

(Definite spoiler alerts below if you haven’t watched the full first season…)

When we left off with our Los Angeles group of desperate survivors, they were all headed for mystery rich dude Victor Strand’s yacht. Well, everyone except for Liza who had her boarding pass revoked when it was revealed she’d been bit. (Sorry, Liza, those are the rules, R.I.P.) It’s been six months since we last saw the group, so here’s a quick refresher on the lucky ones who made it off the mainland.

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens)

Girlfriend of Travis Manawa and mother of Alicia and Nick, Madison started off the season trying to get help for her Nick, a drug addict. But priorities obviously shifted pretty quickly. Madison escaped the first season without suffering the loss of any loved ones, but endured the trauma of her first walker kill being her friend and boss, principal Artie. The season finale wrapped with Madison recognizing that Travis’ ex-wife Liza had been bitten and following her out to the seaside cliffs. It’s there that Liza asked a hesitant Madison to shoot her so that she doesn’t turn. As Liza pled with Madison to pull the trigger so her ex-husband doesn’t have to, Travis shows up anyway and finishes the job. Seeing how overwhelmed he is by what he’s just done, Madison follows him down to the beach to comfort him.

Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis)

The show’s central male protagonist, a potential Rick Grimes in-training, Travis spent the first season mostly resistant to what was happening around him and struggling to keep the threads of human decency together. We saw Travis attempt to console freaked-out neighbor and family man Doug — though poor Doug still ended up a goner — and work as a liaison with the soldiers, only to discover their sinister intentions. With “The Good Man,” though, Travis finally took off the nice guy gloves, beating a solider that Daniel had been keeping hostage after he betrayed Travis’ word to free him and shot Ofelia. It was a serious change from the man who had been hesitant to shoot a walker in previous episodes, and it wouldn’t even be his final “man up” moment in the show’s finale. That of course comes when he’s forced to put a bullet in the head of his ex-wife after it’s discovered she was bitten during the escape from the Guard base. We’ll likely see a change in Travis’ personality and leadership in the second season as he copes with the trauma of having to kill the mother of his son.

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