AMC Renewed ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ But With A Welcome Changing Of The Guard

04.14.17 2 years ago

Although not as highly rated as parent series The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead has been consistently among cable’s highest programs over its first two seasons. Unfortunately, the spin-off series has seen its ratings fall dramatically to around 3 million overnight viewers since it premiered with over 10 million overnight viewers back in 2015.

Much of the problem with Fear is that it has not only failed to distinguish itself from The Walking Dead, but there haven’t yet been any break-out characters on the series, and while the storytelling has improved, the series on its best days isn’t as good as The Walking Dead on its worse.

Much of that has to do with the choices that have been made in the writer’s room, like spending half a season on a boat, and it’s become increasingly clear that a new approach and a fresh perspective is needed. I have been advocating for the promotion of The Walking Dead writer Angela Kang since the first season of Fear the Walking Dead, but it looks like they have instead decided to go outside of The Walking Dead family.

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