‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Recap: What Is This White Nonsense?

06.12.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

The second season finale of Fear the Walking Dead saw Nick and Luciana leading a large group of Mexican villagers across the border into the United States heading toward a refugee camp. They were trailed by Madison, Travis, and Alicia. At the border, however, a militia group began firing at them, killing several of the villagers, wounding Luciana, and taking Nick, Madison, et. al hostage. Meanwhile, during the off-season, a Fear the Walking Dead web series, “Passage,” was shot at the military refugee camp where presumably Nick and Luciana were trying to take the Mexican villagers.

Sometime between the second-season finale and the third-season premiere, however, the writers of Fear the Walking Dead decided against the refugee camp setting, opting instead to lean into the show’s The Walking Dead roots and establish its own Hershel Greene Farm storyline at Broken Jaw Ranch. The decision to abandon the military camp was a smart one, but it meant the series would have to take a tortuous path to get where it needed to go this season. In last week’s premiere, the military base was used to dispatch with the red shirts, kill off Travis, and establish Troy Otto as a crazed loon before the remaining characters flew a helicopter into a completely different, but arguably better show.

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