Here’s Why A Crossover Between ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ And ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Never Happen

06.02.16 3 years ago 4 Comments


After a season and a half chock full of underdeveloped characters and frustrating story-lines, we have even more bad news for Fear The Walking Dead fans out there.

Executive producer Dave Erickson told TV Line that anyone hoping AMC would somehow merge the two flesh-eating dramas are just setting themselves up for disappointment:

As interesting as the ways that [TWD showrunner] Scott [M. Gimple] & Co. are able to shift the comic book narrative and really explore that, there is no Fear TWD in that universe. [The spinoff] didn’t come from the comic, so some tectonic plates would have to shift to make [a crossover] happen.

To put the final nail in that coffin, Erickson explained it’s not just the alternate universe that makes talk of a crossover pointless but the inability to align both shows’ timelines.

“From a geographical standpoint, it’s going to be very difficult for us to ever get to the East Coast,” Erickson said. “And from a narrative standpoint, with [TWD] being six seasons in and going on seven, I don’t think we’ll ever quite catch up with them, so chronologically, it would be difficult as well.”

Disheartening to be sure but this latest crossover news isn’t wholly unsurprising. Erickson recently told TV Line that season two of his show had just caught up to the beginning of TWD which means Rick’s just now waking up in that zombie-infested hospital which means we have another six seasons to go before the shows have a chance of syncing up. Unless a huge time jump happened — unlikely since Fear The Walking Dead seems committed to the slow burn of character story-telling — any chance of Daryl Dixon, Carol or Michonne imparting some much-need nuggets of wisdom on how to be bada** killing machines is pretty much off the table at this point.

It looks like we’re just going to have to find other ways of staying interested in the Clarks’ irritating survival story.

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