Feel Awkward Watching Bill Cosby Shamble His Way Onto ‘The Tonight Show’

Entertainment Writer
11.14.13 8 Comments

Comedy legend Bill Cosby visited ‘The Tonight Show‘ to promote his new Comedy Central special, ‘Far From Finished,’ and made what Jay Leno referred to as “the greatest entrance I’ve ever seen.”

And sure, entering and walking to the couch or comfy chair doesn’t yield much for theatricality. I’m just a little wary of calling this entrance “great.” Especially when you have folks like Sam Rockwell dancing his way to talk to Fallon on every visit to ‘Late Night.’

Maybe this is just a case of youthful ignorance on my part because I respect Cosby. His standup is among some of the best you will ever hear and ‘The Cosby Show‘ is a landmark sitcom. And on a personal note, I’m still waiting on my signed copy of  ‘The Cosby Mysteries” on DVD (late 90s CBS, you are sorely missed).

I’ll let you fine folks be the judge. In my opinion, he’s earned the right to do whatever he wants to do.

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