Fox Is Reportedly Developing A Cartoon About ‘Immigrant Refugee’ Birds Called ‘Buffalo Wings’

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There is no animated pitch that seems too outrageous these days, and a little wordplay certainly doesn’t hurt, either. That’s why Fox is reportedly feeling very good about an animated series where “immigrant birds” who travel to America in an attempt to make it big.

According to The Wrap, Buffalo Wings is a project from the trio that created Nobodies, which ran for two seasons on TV Land. The series, created by and starring Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf and Rachel Ramras, was about friends working on a children’s show. A bit meta, maybe.

Melissa McCarthy co-produced that show. This show, Buffalo Wings, is actually about birds living in Buffalo. As someone from Western New York I can tell you that no one actually calls them “buffalo wings” there, but “Chicken Wings” doesn’t really convey the location for the animated bird show. very well, does it?

According to Deadline, get ready to see some birds fall in Buffalove.

Written by Davidson, Ramras and Dorf, Buffalo Wings is about two Canadian brothers who do not follow the rest of their flock when they fly south. When their hypothesis is wrong and they almost freeze to death, they must take refuge in Buffalo, NY, where they begin to live life as immigrant refugees. This series explores what it is to be a refugee and to fall in love with this country while pursuing the “American Dream” from every possible angle.

Whether the show will get political about immigration is hard to say, though the phrasing used to describe the show was very specific. In any event, this way be the first network television show to set in Buffalo since Christina Applegate vehicle Jesse went off the air in 2000. Yes, that Jesse. Not the other one on Disney Channel. Yes, it’s been that long.

There’s no word on who will be doing voice acting for the migrant birds, but Mark-Paul Gosselaar had a role on Nobodies. Maybe Zack Morris’ voice will visit the beautiful shores of Lake Erie sometime soon.