Adam Scott And Craig Robinson’s Comedy ‘Ghosted’ Will Debut On Twitter Before It Does On TV

Why flip through channels when you can find a new TV show tucked between the latest Game of Thrones meme and nuclear war rhetoric from the president on your phone? Fox is hoping to turn your Twitter habit into a gateway to one of their new fall offerings. If things pan out, it might be a trendsetter.

Adam Scott and Craig Robinson’s supernatural comedy Ghosted will premiere on Twitter before it makes its proper TV debut. The first episode of the series will stream nightly at 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT from Thursday, Sept. 21 to Sunday, Sept. 24 with added touches like a special introduction and a Twitter Q&A included in the limited screening run. The premiere on Fox arrives on October 1.

That’s not the only Twitter-based experiment Fox has at the ready. Empire is getting a nightly pre-show on Twitter (although you could say fans do that already) with a collection of cast members, journalists and other commentators providing their views and opinions throughout the season. There’s unquestionably a built-in audience for the concept. Fox boasts the program is “the No. 1 most social broadcast primetime TV program on Twitter and Facebook combined.”

On top of the Ghosted and Empire announcements is the trumpeting of a streaming marathon for the sophomore comedy The Mick. Five episodes chosen by Kaitlin Olson will stream on September 19 with live tweet participation from the cast. Every network is bound to have an interest in how these experiments pan out. Pre-shows, premieres and catch-up opportunities are certainly worth a tryout. Let’s see how it goes and remind everyone involved Friendster is no longer an option.