Fox Picks Up ‘Ghosted,’ A Comedic ‘X-Files’ Starring Adam Scott And Craig Robinson

One of the most promising-sounding pilots of the 2017 season is Ghosted, which brings together Craig Robinson as a Scully-esque skeptic and Adam Scott as the Mulder as they buddy-cop it across LA fighting supernatural phenomena. And it looks like Fox agrees, as Ghosted is officially heading to series.

Robinson and Scott, both sitcom vets thanks to The Office and Parks And Recreation, are great selling points on their own (and they clicked quite well in Hot Tub Time Machine 2,) but there’s also a lot of talent behind the camera. The showrunner, Kevin Etten, is best known for running Workaholics behind the scenes, and the pilot’s director, Jonathan Krisel, has directed the majority of Portlandia and is one of the masterminds behind FX’s melancholy, beautiful Baskets. So, yeah, that’s a lot of comedic firepower behind this premise.

We’ll be curious to see where they go with it. Robinson and Scott have charisma for days, and it’s easy to see the two of them carrying a show about just about anything. (They’ve made zoning meetings and shipping paper entertaining.) But if the show can pay off its supernatural premise as well, and be genuinely scary as well as funny, we might have something special here. We’ll see next fall when Ghosted premieres.

(via Fox)