Fox Is Burning Off The Remaining Episodes Of ‘Enlisted’ Starting This Sunday

It has been quite clear that there aren’t a lot of fans of Enlisted out there. Hang around the comments or check out the ratings to really catch that fact. But there are fans. I’d count myself as one and enjoyed the show a lot more than I ever thought I would. Compared to some of Fox’s previous attempts at sitcom dominance over the years (Life On A Stick), I’d put Enlisted up high on the good effort list. It just never caught on.

Luckily fans can get a little closure starting this Sunday when Fox starts to air the final four episodes.

It shows a lot of faith that they’d announce it over Twitter, but oh well. Could there be a sliver of hope that decent interest in these final four episodes could save the show in another format? Maybe. But this certainly doesn’t have the cult following of something like Community to boost it along.

It’s still nice to get a little closure from a cancelled TV series. I still haven’t seen the final episodes of Happy Endings due to a scheduling error. That’s a show that desperately deserved a second chance. Why is it not on Netflix?

(Via Twitter)