Fox News Is Using Cory Booker’s Vegan Diet To Scare People Into Thinking He’s Going To Take Away Their Meat

With his recently announced 2020 presidential campaign, Cory Booker is vying to become the first President of the United States who adheres to a vegan diet. Veganism is certainly not for all of us, but hey, great for him! It’s a healthy and ethically clean way to live your life, even if that life is absent of cheese.

The Fox News crowd, on the other hand, is predictably using Booker’s diet as a fear-mongering tactic, which Trevor Noah pointed out on Tuesday night’s Daily Show. “I don’t even understand how this is on the news,” Noah incredulously remarked. “I say if Cory Booker wants to be a vegan president, he should go for it. His diet choices are his business, they don’t affect anyone else.”

“Or at least, that’s what I thought,” Noah continued, before rolling a clip of Jesse Watters, Sean Hannity, etc., warning viewers that Booker is literally coming to take away their meat. “He wants to be the most powerful person in the world, and he wants to impose his meat rationing on the rest of us,” chimed in former MTV VJ Kennedy.

Now that, to put it gently, is complete nonsense. Cory Booker has never said that he wants to cancel meat, and to suggest otherwise is just plain fiction. As such, Noah had some words of ridicule for Fox News viewers who eat this stuff up, pun not intended (skip forward to the 4:50 mark in the video embedded above):

“Oh man! I feel so bad for people who take Fox News seriously. It’s got to be so much work! Because they’re always telling you, like, ‘The Democrats are coming for your shit! You’ve gotta stockpile a lifetime supply of meat! You’ve gotta stockpile guns! You’ve gotta keep your fossil fuels! Your Bibles! American flags! Confederate statues! There must just be one closet at your house that’s chaos. Complete chaos.

“Fox News is like reverse-Marie Kondo: Just put everything in your house as long as it sparks RAGE!”

While that is an incredibly accurate metaphor, also maybe don’t give them any ideas because that’s 100 percent a show that could theoretically be seen on Fox News.