Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Took Jenny McCarthy To The Woodshed For Now Claiming That She’s Not Anti-Vaccine

A few days ago noted anti-vaccination crusader and former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy penned an op-ed claiming to be “pro-vaccine,” despite for years having preached the evils of vaccinating children. Apparently, we’ve all been “misinterpreting” her all this time and she blamed “blatantly inaccurate blog posts” for spreading misinformation about her beliefs. Her timing couldn’t be more perfect, seeing as how case of mumps, measles and other diseases that had been eradicated are on the rise. All of this has led to a rare occasion where I find myself firmly agreeing with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Dana Loesch, who both think McCarthy is full of sh*t, which, of course, she is.