A Freshly Released Trailer For Fox’s ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Boasts A Tim Curry Cameo

It’s been well documented that it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insaaaaaaane when you do the Time Warp, but a Tim Curry appearance can do the trick too. (For those of you with complicated feelings about Clue, a pelvic thrust will likely still be involved.)

Fox has already served up an early Rocky Horror Picture Show trailer trumpeting this October’s broadcast event, and now we’ve been treated to another glimpse at what’s in store when Laverne Cox steps into the Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s legendary fishnets. The latest look-in has a fair bit going on, but it’s the OG Dr. Frank-N-Furter that steals the spotlight for the minute-long trailer. This go-around, Curry plays The Criminologist and the preview is more than happy to sell this bit of casting as the marvelous thing it is.

The latest trailer, which arrives as Fox aims to get buzz going at San Diego Comic-Con, leans hard on the audience participation element being essential to the Rocky Horror experience. Please keep this in mind when you try to explain to your roommate why you’re chucking toilet paper around the living room and going on about “Transexual Transylvania.” The early gander also promises a fair bit of visual pizzaz without (at least going by this trailer) a heavy overhaul of its songs.

In addition to having Cox and Curry in the cast, Fox’s Rocky Horror TV event also features the likes of Victoria Justice and Adam Lambert on the roster with High School Musical helmer Kenny Ortega serving as the director. Naturally, Fox has the broadcast pegged for October.

(Via E! News)