Check Out The First Look At Laverne Cox In ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live’

It may not be another live musical event like Grease Live!, but FOX’s pre-taped production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is still shaping up to be a crowd pleaser when it premieres this fall. Between the stellar Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank-N-Furter anchoring the cast and Broadway vets supporting her in the ensemble, the participants are not a group that anybody needs to worry will drop the ball on this one. If you missed it, they even have Tim Curry coming back to be a part of everything as the narrator. Now that production on the fall special has officially begun, the first photos of the cast in full costume and on set have been released, and boy do they look great.

As you can see above, Cox is anything but subtle as the good doctor and looks to already be embodying the character with such relish – even when standing still in a photograph. As she says in the article over at Entertainment Weekly, her brother stated that she was “preparing [her] whole life for this” and after seeing this picture we couldn’t possibly agree with him any more. A smart brother, that one. The first batch of photos also includes shots of one of the best musical sequences in all of film history (The Time Warp of course) and a first look at the titular Rocky in the buff.

The premiere is still a bit of a way off at this point but with this peek at the production, everyone should be more excited than ever that FOX decided to bring this cult classic back to life with the same flourish everybody knows and loves. Don’t mess with a good thing they always say, except maybe mess with it when that involves adding Laverne Cox to the production looking like this. We are shivering with anticipation.

(via Entertainment Weekly)