Fox’s ‘Luther’ Remake Has Been Put On Hold For Now

One of the most controversial pilots of the new television season has been Fox’s remake of Luther. Many have been questioning for the last few months why a remake would be necessary when the U.K. series is already such a hit and, unlike some other remakes, based in the English language. But worry no longer because Fox has put the pilot on hold (at least for the time being). From THR:

Given the overwhelming demand for leads — sources tell THR that Fox was out briefly to Marlon Wayans to star — the network will wait until the crush of pilot season is over before resuming its search for a leading man. Diverse leads have been in particularly high demand this pilot season as the broadcast networks look to build upon the success of hits including Empire and How to Get Away With Murder.

Following the success of the two shows mentioned above, it was a near certainty that Fox wasn’t going to change the race of John Luther. Fox will only commit to the cast-contingent pilot if a lead’s locked in and right now there’s no one that wants the job (not that that’s surprising).

This doesn’t necessarily mean the show’s dead, but it does mean it won’t be premiering in the fall of 2015 for sure, if at all. A mid-season pick-up and summer order are still on the table, but in all likelihood, we probably won’t be seeing a Luther remake on Fox until fall 2016 at the earliest.

(Source: THR)