Frank Darabont Spoils ‘The Walking Dead.’ Twice.

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01.23.12 24 Comments

There is some major casting news in this post that may spoil upcoming episodes of “The Walking Dead,” so if you’re not keen on being spoilered, skedaddle.

Frank Darabont, who has long had a reputation for working with the same set of actors, is currently developing a series for TNT called “LA Noir,” which takes place in 1940’s L.A. and will chronicle the battle between the LAPD and mobster Mickey Cohen. While the show itself sound compelling, the more interesting development here is that Darabont is wooing Jon Bernthal for the lead role of a gumshoe detective, and Jon Bernthal likewise is interested in that role.

If, however, Bernthal takes the role, Darabont would be spoiling his former show twice. First, if Bernthal — who plays Shane on “The Walking Dead” — signs on to “LA Noir,” we can then assume that his character will be killed off (or, at least, his role will diminish). Second, if Bernthal takes the role and is killed off, “The Walking Dead” will lose one of its best non-zombie villains, which will also probably mean more screen time for Bernthal’s co-lead, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes). And no one wants more Rick. It would, however, be a fitting revenge for DarAbont to be able to screw over the show that screwed him over.

Also, here’s this. You’re welcome.

(Source: Variety)

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