‘Friends’ Is About To Leave Netflix Forever

If you are a person who relies on the comfort of Friends episodes to get you through the day, today will be the last opportunity to binge the series on Netflix, ever. It’s leaving the streaming series at midnight tonight, and it is never coming back. In fact, for approximately the next five months, Friends will not be available to anyone who relies on streaming services. College students will not be able to rely on Friends episodes to get them through the first semester of the decade. Falling asleep to Friends episodes on Netflix will no longer be an option.

Friends is gone until May, when HBO Max debuts, and there is no other way to watch it, unless you watch the DVDs, or buy episodes digitally on iTunes, or watch it almost any hour of the day in reruns on cable television.

The good news, however, is that The Office has one more year left on Netflix before it is pulled, but when it leaves in 2021, Seinfeld will begins streaming on the streaming network, so comfort sitcoms will always be available. Just not Friends. On Netflix. Ever again.

The other good news is this: The year’s most popular movie on Netflix, Murder Mystery, stars Adam Sandler and Friends cast member Jennifer Aniston, and it will never leave Netflix, so it will always be there for you!