The Cast Of ‘Full House’ Had A Mini-Reunion To Sing And Cheer Up Donald Trump

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02.17.16 7 Comments

If you remember back when Jimmy Fallon took The Tonight Show to LA for the first time, he had his long-awaited Saved By The Bell reunion — without Dustin Diamond, for obvious reasons. So it’s only fitting that he’d have another nostalgic reunion for his second trip out west, this time bringing in the cast of Full House to help cheer up Donald Trump and to promote Fuller House.

If you thought Fallon relied on nostalgia a bit too much before, this segment might push you over the limit. It manages to work in every catchphrase from Full House, every Donald Trump reference, the theme song from Full House, and a Bullwinkle reference. Tossed that one in just because I enjoy Bullwinkle.

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