The ‘Full House’ Guys Reunited To Help Jimmy Fallon Overcome His Fears Of Leaving ‘Late Night’

Jimmy Fallon has always had a knack for nostalgia on Late Night, but this final throwback might be one of the best. All three guys from Full House donned some of the worst wigs I’ve ever seen and reunited to help Jimmy overcome his fears of leaving for The Tonight Show.

Combined with their Dannon Oikos Super Bowl commercial (that you can watch here right now), Jon Stamos, Dave Coulier and Bob Saget are clearly hot commodities again. Could we very well get a Full House reboot in the near future a la Girl Meets World? Regrettably, no.

But this sketch is amazing and brings back a lot of memories. Good and bad memories. Actually some horrible memories too. Jesus, I can’t believe I once stayed home on Fridays to watch this sh*t. Where was my damn mind? What have I done with my life!?

(via Late Night)