The Gibblers Are Multiplying In The ‘Fuller House’ Season 2 Trailer

Watching four consecutive episodes of Fuller House nearly destroyed me, but I’m clearly in the minority: Full House‘s equally gooey sequel series is reportedly one of the most popular shows on TV. Netflix doesn’t release its viewership data, but Symphony Advanced Media claims “episodes averaged 14.4 million viewers among adults 18-49 within its first 35 days of its Netflix premiere date.” Not only that, but the night Fuller House premiered, “overall TV usage levels dropped 3% from the previous week, making it the lowest tune-in for any Friday since the holidays. ABC’s family-friendly sitcoms were hit especially hard.” Netflix was the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show; Freeform was everything else that aired against the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for the streaming service to renew the Olsen-less series, which returns for season two on Dec. 9, or enough time for you to finish watching Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life. The second season of Fuller House will introduce Joey’s “fun-loving magician” wife Ginger and Kimmy Gibbler’s Stephanie Tanner-smooching brother Jimmy, even though on Full House, it’s established that her sibling’s name is Garth. The only thing more horrifying than my remembering that is the sad realization that I’m probably going to keep watching Fuller House. It’s a curse. I blame Mr. Woodchuck.