‘Fuller House’ Season 2 Gives Uncle Joey His Own Wife And Kids To Creep Out With Mr. Woodchuck

Whether or not you like Netflix’s Fuller House, viewers’ insatiable appetite for nostalgia porn gifted the show with monstrous ratings and a second season. That second season, which is set to gift the Tanners with their first Thanksgiving dinner in ages, will be especially nice for Dave Coulier’s Joey Gladstone. Why? Because the man (and the hand) behind Mr. Woodchuck is getting his own wife and kids to terrorize entertain with the creepy puppet whose single eyeball looks like a cell mid-mitosis.

According to TV Line, anyone brave enough to watch Fuller House‘s upcoming batch of new episodes will meet Joey’s wife Ginger, an “enthusiastic, upbeat, fun-loving magician” who — like her husband — is “a little clueless in the parenting department.” All the while they have four — yes, four — children whom the miracle of life figured the Gladstones were competent enough to raise. Fuller House will introduce Ginger during the aforementioned Thanksgiving episode, the sixth of what’s likely another 13-episode order for the revival.

Despite no mention of Ginger and the kids in season one, Joey’s real-life family back in Vegas isn’t something the showrunnners whipped up at the last-minute. Creator Jeff Franklin told TV Line back in February the extra Gladstones “didn’t make it into the script.” Mainly due to the fact that, as executive producer Bob Boyett added, Joey’s family “didn’t fit anywhere in the stories we developed” for the first season.

At least Coulier has a sense of humor about his newfound family, especially since he’ll have more victims fans of Mr. Woodchuck hanging around. As he recently told Us Weekly, he’s “hoping maybe this season I can meet my family, my wife and my kids that I’ve created.” Um, created?

(Via TV Line and Us Weekly)