FYI, Alex Jones Is Still Completely Batsh*t Insane

When we last checked in on frothing-at-the-mouth conspiracy kook Alex Jones, he was attempting to help his nutty followers find other nutty people so that they in turn could extract bodily fluids from each other’s loins. What a swell guy!

Anyway, Jones crossed my mind earlier today — what with the NSA creeping outrage seemingly spreading by the second — as I wondered why I haven’t heard about him saying something crazy since all of this broke. Cue Alex Jones saying something crazy.

But here’s the thing: the occasion for this particular slice of Alex Jones crazy pie isn’t even the NSA thing — it’s the Bilderberg convention, an annual meeting of rich and powerful people Andrew Neil, the host of the BBC political talkshow Jones appeared on, termed, “Christmas for conspiracy theorists.” Watch Jones just lose his mind and go on one of his patented incoherent rants about everything and nothing. All the greatest hits are there: FEMA concentration camps, Nazi world domination plots, floride in the tap water to make for more brainwashable minds, etc.

“Bilderberg is heavily involved in the EU plan and helped hatched it and it is a Nazi plan,” Jones bloviated at one point. “Freedom will not stop, you will not stop freedom.”

All of which, led to this…

(Via Buzzfeed)