Game Of Lulz: Special ‘Come At Me, Bro’ Edition

After two weeks of silliness in Dorne and awfulness in Winterfell, Game of Thrones returned to OMGWTFBBQ shape on Sunday night with one of the best episodes of the series. The show was capped off with an intense invasion of Hardhome by the White Walkers and their mysterious masters, including one mean-looking character known as the Night’s King. Not content to just kick Wildling asses and take names, the show ended with NK staring a fleeing Jon Snow down and pulling one of the best “come at me, bro” moments in the history of television.

The boss move captured the internet’s imagination, and here’s all the memes they made to immortalize the scene:

That’s it for this special edition of Game of Lulz. Big thanks to the creative fans making all this funny biz, especially the Song of Memes and Rage Subreddit and Tumblr crew. There’s more to come… Later this week, we’ll recap all the other memes, GIFs and vids made out of this week’s episode, so stay tuned for that!