‘Game Of Thrones’ Death Watch: Twist The Knife, Torch The Past



The Game of Thrones Death Watch is a weekly roundup of who died and who looks like they might be headed for death, written by me, a person who has not read the books and will go a long, long way to make a very stupid joke. This is what we’re doing here. This is not science. Please do not yell at me.

Season 8, Episode 6 – “The Iron Throne”



Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Roaster of Peasants, the Mother of a Dragon, Breaker of Chains, Possessor of Righteous Braids

A few notes on the death of the Dragon Queen:

– The show was painted into a corner after last week’s extended bit of fire-based chaos. There were two options: Kill Dany or kill Jon. The former would feel justified(-ish) after seeing all those torched women and children, the latter would be nihilistic and bleak and kind of funny, to be honest, like “whoops, none of this political theater mattered, the lady with the dragon just wins, sorry.” So, really, there was but one option. Dany was doomed the second she ignored those bells. Game of Thrones has gone dark before and killed people in shocking bursts of actions, but I don’t think you can let someone cook a full city and remain queen. Not on a television show, at least.

– I did appreciate the way the show tried to justify her actions through something other than a sudden onset of madness or grief. Tyrion’s monologue to Jon and Dany’s monologue to Jon — Jon sure does get monologued to a lot, which will happen when you’re as dumb as the rubble you’re standing on and need everything explained to you — both painted it as her buying into her own mythology, a mix of her strong belief in her destiny and years of excited whooping when she kills people who stand in her way. My only issue was that this tried to have it both ways. You saw her face right before she toasted everything. You saw it again after the deaths of Jorah and Missandei and while talking to Jon before the battle. There was a very clear indication she was losing it and then the show quickly doubled back and portrayed her as rational and logical (in her own mind). Not sure you can do that.

– The big question was whether it would be Jon or Arya twisting the knife to end it. The case for Arya was that she’s a badass assassin and there was that “green eyes” prophecy. I don’t know. It made more sense to have Jon do it, I think. It was more personal, and it was Jon’s attempt to correct his earlier mistakes, and Arya already killed The Night King, geez, let someone else do something, come on.

– I was getting very strong Simba/Mufasa vibes from the thing where Drogon nudged Dany’s lifeless body with his nose. I felt bad for my scaly boy. That’s his mom, man. And if I remember Lion King correctly, this isn’t going to end well for the people who rule the kingdom until he returns. Hakuna DRACARYS, mothereffers.

The Iron Throne


The Iron Throne was not technically a person but it was as much of a character as anyone on the show. It’s what the whole thing was about, mostly, give or take a small percentage dedicated to Tormund’s arched eyebrows. Was melting it down with dragon fire perhaps a teensy bit on the nose, and about one step short of Drogon looking dead into the camera and saying “This is symbolism?” I mean, I don’t know. Maybe. Probably. But ending a series is really hard and it looked pretty cool just visually so I’m going to let it slide. Besides, Bran is king now so they don’t need a throne anymore anyway. My man has his own chair. No harm, no foul.

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