‘Game Of Thrones’ Broke The Entertainment Record For Setting The Most People On Fire In One Day

Every episode of Game of Thrones has the budget of a small-scale movie (the only way it should be compared to a film), which is how the HBO series can afford to blow up a sept, or hire 500 extras and 70 horses.

Those are very expensive set pieces, along with the Battle of the Blackwater, Hardhome, and the Wilding assault on Castle Black, but they’re not the show’s most dangerous stunt. That, according to stunt coordinator Rowley Imran, occurred during season five’s “The Dance of Dragons,” when Daenerys & Co. are surrounded by the Sons of the Harpy in Daznak’s Pit.

“We’ve done a lot of fire stuff,” Imran told Express during a recent media event for the Night’s Watch training camp (which sounds awesome). “We set fire to 20 guys in one day and used a 45-foot flamethrower on a motion control crane so we could control the dragon. That was a new record, I think. It was the most amount of people that had been set on fire in one day.”

What a life.

IMRAN’S KID: “How was your day, dad?”
IMRAN: “We broke a record by setting 20 guys on fire and controlled a dragon using a flamethrower the size of a humpback whale.”
IMRAN’S KID: “So, the usual?”

Yep, just another day at the office.

(Via Express)