‘Game Of Thrones’ Has Inspired The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

What better way to show dear old mom that you love her — instead of the usual flowers, cards, or candy — than to undo the ravages time and childbirth have done to her body, by magically erasing it all! Inspired by Melisandre’s magical necklace on Game of Thrones, Jimmy Kimmel suggests getting your mom her own age-defying statement piece so that she, too, may feel “young enough to forget she ever had you.” It’s unclear whether or not Melisandre ever had children of her own (smoke monsters notwithstanding), but if she did, it’s a gift that the Red Woman would definitely approve of.

Sold exclusively through Kay Jewelers, the piece can be yours for just $399.99 and a vial of your first born’s blood — a bargain of a price!

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