‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Filming Has Been Delayed Because Of Castle Problems

As anyone following America’s new favorite game show “Where in the World Is Kit Harington?” can tell you, the sixth season of Game of Thrones is currently filming in Ireland. And as anyone who was following America’s old favorite game show “So Are Those Religious Croatians Gonna Let Lena Headey Film That One Nude Scene or What?” can also tell you, sometimes bringing a big fancy production into town can peeve off the locals for one reason or another. In season five, the problem was the aforementioned nudity. Now, according to a report from fan site Watchers on the Wall, the problem is castles. Yup, we got #CastleProbz.

According to our sources, filming will not begin tomorrow because there have been some objections to a very, very large structure being built. It will have to be examined by local representatives to see if it broke the rules in the original planning application. Due to this, filming can’t begin on time. The next inspection will take place possibly on Tuesday, and hopefully, filming in Corbet for Riverrun will start after that.

Game of Thrones facing filming delays for reasons related to castles and nudity is, basically, perfect. So much so that Castles and Nudity would be a not totally unreasonable alternate title for the show. It would be accurate, at the very least.

Anyway, with castles and nudity off the board, this means season seven’s filming will be delayed by… oh, I don’t know, rivers of fake blood getting in the water supply? Decapitated heads littering the streets and scaring children? Pyrotechnics from dragon fire accidentally burning down a grocery store? Could go a lot of ways, I suppose.

(Via Watchers on the Wall)