The ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Premiere Gives Us More Than We Asked For

After a slight delay, Game of Thrones is finally here. And while we have a lot to watch for, what with blindness and shame, and, uh, all that stuff past the wall, there’s one thing on everyone’s mind. Months and months of theorizing on Jon Snow’s death (including the dissection of set appearances and a discussion of eye twitches), have led to this after many long weeks of waiting.

SPOILERS AHEAD, obviously.

And so far, he’s dead. For now, anyways..

Meanwhile, a very much alive Reek and Sansa made some new friends on the run.

And while Cersei is gonna need cheering up…

… Doran Martell’s gonna need a little more than that.

As for Dany, she’s got issues where she’s at…

… and back home.

Arya’s blindness isn’t getting her out of her training.

And finally, Melisandre is planning… something. Probably has nothing to do with the whole “Jon Snow is dead” thing.

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