Daenerys’ Two Biggest Enemies Are Joining Forces In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7

[Potential spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven]

When Game of Thrones signs off after season eight, not only will HBO pray they’ve already found the Next Big Thing (Westworld, perhaps?), but fans of the show will be deprived of fun falls and endless winters full of speculation and theories. That’s when the Little Birds are busiest. The Song of Ice and Fire Stove Season kicked off early this year when it was revealed that human teapot Angela Lansbury had joined the cast in an unknown role. Probably as a dragon. Unfortunately, her reps said it wasn’t true, making the Murder, She Wrote star the only classy British thespian to not appear on the show.

A far more reliable report comes from Watchers on the Wall, which learned that Game of Thrones is currently shooting in Belfast, Ireland, and “filming this week centered around Yara and Theon Greyjoy engaging in battle at sea.” Not only that, but “it appears that their uncle Euron is catching up to the siblings and will capture one of them.” My hunch is that he takes Yara, and Theon further redeems himself by rescuing her. Then again, considering Ramsay’s gone, Euron could seamlessly step into his place as Bad Guy Who Tortures Theon. The Greyjoy siblings aren’t the only ones in trouble, either: WotW adds that Euron and Cersei are teaming up in season seven, which would fortify their power against Daenerys, who’s probably sailing to Dragonstone.

I’m guessing Euron’s marriage proposal to Dany doesn’t go over well.

Still no word on the whereabouts of Gendry, which is how I’m going to end every Game of Thrones “spoiler” post until I get answers, dammit.



(Via Watchers on the Wall)