‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Production Will Shut Down For A Hopefully Non-Deadly Wedding

If Game of Thrones has taught us anything, it’s that javelin throwers are a dragon’s greatest enemy, and weddings are bad. Catelyn, Robb, and Talisa were murdered at the Red Wedding; Joffrey choked on his own hate (and wine) at the Purple Wedding; Sansa was forced to marry Tyrion; Margaery and Tommen’s wedlock ended in death; and even the “happiest” couple, Daenerys and Khal Drogo, began with her creepy jerk brother basically selling her to the feared Dothraki warrior.

So, yeah, don’t get married on Game of Thrones.

But if two cast members want to get hitched in real life, that’s a cause for celebration. Unfortunately, Brienne and Tormund haven’t realized what’s obvious to everyone but them (yet), but Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are engaged, and because they have so many friends among the Thrones crew, production on season eight will shut down for a day for the wedding.

“I rang [the producer] up,” Harington explained on The Jonathan Ross Show, “and I said, ‘I’m getting married and it’s your fault actually.’ I think for the final season, he is so stressed that he’s reached that peaceful level. I was like, ‘You need to factor in a Game of Thrones wedding, by the way.’ [The cast] have all got to be there so the whole thing has got to shut down.”

Harington and Leslie, who have been dating since 2012, met on the set of Thrones — he was a bastard, she was kissed by fire, can I make it any more obvious? (I can: they had sex in a cave.) Details for the wedding haven’t been released yet, but it’s a safe bet Olly won’t be invited.

(Via IndieWire)