HBO Released A ‘New’ Trailer For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 That Has Viewers Not-So-Fondly Recalling The Finale

Game of Thrones premiered 10 years ago next week. To celebrate a decade of dragons, drunkards, and Dothrakis, HBO has planned a month of Thrones-specific events, including a #MaraThrone of every episode, special appearances from cast members, and a chance for couples “who were married in Westeros-themed ceremonies” to win “anniversary presents including Game of Thrones-branded barrels of wine, custom chalices, and elaborate cakes designed in partnership.” It better be a lemon cake…

HBO has also released a “new” trailer for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. It’s a curious decision, as season eight is widely considered to be the worst season of the otherwise great show. As the Hollywood Reporter notes, “The trailer is a well-edited clip that refreshes fans on the dramatic highlights and lavish spectacle of the final six episodes of the Emmy-winning series — yet is also stirring up all sorts of feelings among fans who felt the last season was a massive disappointment.”

This is currently the top comment under the trailer:

Can’t wait to see how important Jon’s lineage is, how they defeat the Night King, how Jamie redeems himself and what Varys’ grand plan has been this whole time

OK, that’s not too bad! Let’s read some more.

Season 8 was like if Frodo realised he could snap the One Ring in half like a twig as soon as he reached Mordor.

Uh oh.

“our enemy doesn’t tire”
*Tires within one episode

Are you guys remaking it? Because if you’re not, then it’s better to not release a trailer for it again and reminding us of something we wanna forget.

I wish they didn’t cancel this show after 6 seasons it had so much potential

It’s crazy how popular this show was back then, and how quickly everyone has forget it.
Probably the most disappointing thing in entertainment history.

That’s a hyperbolic claim (someone hasn’t seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!), but it goes to show how disappointed many viewers were by the final season. But! There’s plenty more Thrones coming our way, including House of the Dragon, a Broadway play, and three prequel series in development. What is dead may never die.

At least the series trailer rules.