This Mega Trailer For ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Six Will Hold You Over Until The Premiere

Contributing Writer

Tired of watching 30 second Game of Thrones trailers for season six? Want to witness all the new footage in one place at once? Then we have the video for you! A fan of the show has taken all the material released by HBO and spliced it together to create an excellent ‘mega-trailer’ on Youtube.

All the hype is in one place: a blind Arya being put to the test by the Faceless Men, Cercei and her protector Robert Strong preparing a smackdown for the Sparrows, and a lot more White Walkers than we’ve ever seen in previous seasons. Winter has finally come, and with it the dead. It looks like Ser Davos Seaworth is no longer representing Stannis in his impossible quest for the throne, instead backing the only slightly less impossible task of uniting humankind to face the undead army that is coming south.

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