HBO Just Released 20 Brand New Images From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6

The sixth season of Game of Thrones doesn’t debut for a few months. We’ve seen little teases here and there, and theories, and more theories, but HBO just went ahead and gave us our best advance look yet with these brand new official images. Twenty of them. Twenty images is a lot of images! None of Jon Snow, though. Although that’s probably to be expected, because his current status and future are the biggest question marks heading into the season, especially considering this is the first season we’ll all be flying blind without source material from George R.R. Martin.

And speaking of flying blind, hey there, Arya! That might be the most important takeaway from this set of images: a peek at the sightless wannabe assassin, sitting on some steps, holding a bowl of… gruel, maybe? It looks like a gruel bowl. Who knows what secrets Arya’s gruel bowl holds?!

The rest of the images are posted below. We’ve got Khaleesi all dirty and frizzy, and some Lannisters, and Sam, and Ramsay looking like a big old self-important putz, as Ramsay is known to do. They don’t give away too much about where this season is headed, but they are, uh, something. Twenty somethings! Which is a lot better than zero nothings. That’s math.

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