HBO’s Ever-Expanding ‘Game Of Thrones’ Universe Might Add An Animated Series, Too

Despite repeatedly claiming he’s working on it, George R.R. Martin has been taking his sweet time with The Winds of Winter, the penultimate novel in A Song of Ice and Fire. This July even marks the 10th anniversary of A Dance with Dragons, the series’ last novel. Meanwhile, HBO has been busy, planning a series of Game of Thrones prequels and spin-offs and what-have-yous, hoping to fill that void left by the show, which ended almost two years ago. To the increasingly towering pile of possible shows, you can now add an animated one as well.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which reports that a cartoon version is in the early stages of development. How early? So early that it could still fall through entirely — and so early that nothing is known about it, including whether or not it will feature lots of dragons. One presumes the answer is yes, not the least because it’s a whole lot easier to animate a dragon than do a life-like one in CGI that hobnobs with flesh-and-blood characters.

Should the animated Game of Thrones show get off the ground, it will join a growing cadre of other GoT shows, among them House of the Dragon, a prequel about House Targaryen, which will star Ready Player One and Sound of Metal actress Olivia Cooke. That one’s officially a go, but other programs that are still being bandied about include an adaptation of Martin’s novella series Tales of Dunk and Egg. That said, surely what everyone wants is some cartoon dragons.

(Via THR)