George R.R. Martin Would Hate For ‘Game Of Thrones’ To End The Way These Two Shows Did


There’s only one episode of Game of Thrones left before the series finale, which better not end with Daenerys dying on the ground with Drogon at her side. George R.R. Martin is refreshingly outspoken, about his struggles with finishing the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, his love of the Jets and hatred of the Patriots, and especially the final episodes of Lost and Battlestar Galactica. He was (is) a huge fan of both shows, except for the finales.

Back in 2011, shortly before Game of Thrones premiered on HBO, Martin told the New Yorker that he “watched [Lost] every week trying to figure it out, and as it got deeper and deeper I kept saying, ‘They better have something good in mind for the end. This better pay off here.’ And then I felt so cheated when we got to the conclusion.” He added, “I want to give them something terrific,” referring to Game of Thrones readers and viewers. “What if I f*ck it up at the end? What if I do a Lost? They’ll come after me with pitchforks and torches.”

Martin was equally aghast at how Battlestar Galactica wrapped up:

“At the risk of starting another ‘feud,’ let me say that I was a huge fan of Ron Moore’s revival of Battlestar Galactica (though not of the original, which most of us in the SF community still call Battlestar Ponderosa), but I hated the ending of that series even more than I hated the ending of Lost… But I still think Battlestar Galactica (the new one) was a superior achievement. Yes, the ending was terrible (though, as a caveat, I am not sure that there is ANY way to resolve that premise in a way that I’d like, and god knows the way the new show ended was infinitely preferable to what happened with the original Battlestar Ponderosa)… but those great early episodes don’t become any less great because later episodes sucked.”

There’s really only one satisfying ending for Game of Thrones: Jon Snow needs to become a lumberjack. He’s already got the beard.

(Via SyFy & Entertainment Weekly)