The Mountain From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Shared Before-And-After Photos Of His Impressive (And Impressively Shredded) Weight Loss

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, a.k.a. The Mountain from Game of Thrones, always looked like he could cave your head in. But now he looks like he could cave your head in — and run a 5k afterwards.

The former-World’s Strangest Man has lost a ton of weight as part of his transition from strongman contests to boxing. “I’m extremely happy with my shape right now,” he said back in May. “When I started this journey, I weighed (451 pounds). And now I’m down to (341 pounds).” His journey involved eating lots of chicken, like his on-screen brother.

Bjornsson worked hard to rebuild his body, cutting his daily calorie intake from 10,000 calories to “just” 4,000 and ramping up his cardio with the goal of maintaining muscle while getting lean. It’s safe to say he succeeded: Recent photos of Bjornsson show him looking relatively shredded — especially for a guy who is still 6’9″ and 355 pounds — with a visible six-pack that stands in stark contrast to the bulkier physique of his strongman days.

Björnsson showed off his before-and-after photos on Instagram ahead of his “Heaviest Boxing Match in History” this weekend against fellow strongman Eddie Hall. “What one word describes these six pictures?” he captioned the post. Let’s have a look:

I can think of a few. “Shredded.” “Ripped.” “Jacked.” “Yoked.” Take your pick.

(Via Instagram)