‘Winter Is Here’ And More Epic Quotes From The Explosive ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale

Features Writer
06.28.16 3 Comments

Season six has come to an end, Game of Thrones fans, and what an incredible conclusion it was. While there was plenty of speculation about how things would end, no one saw that ending coming. With “The Winds Of Winter,” we saw shocking deaths and theories confirmed, but most importantly, we saw the stages of the final war set. Dany has her army and is on her way to Westeros, but what will actually remain once she gets there is less certain.

As alliances shift and the coldest winter in thousands of years sets in, our characters are thrown into even more uncertainty. As we begin the interminable wait until next season, here are the quotes that will stick with you through the long night.

“Winter is here.”

“Winter is coming” has been the constant refrain for the entire course of the show. As the words of the noble House Stark, we’ve been told that winter is indeed coming since episode one. As Sansa and Jon figure out whether or not they can work together or if Littlefinger and the rest of Westeros will tear what’s left of their family apart. Not only has winter arrived, but the final pieces of the Game are in motion.

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