Watch A Bearded Daniel Radcliffe Build ‘Grand Theft Auto’ In This ‘Gamechangers’ Trailer

We’ve been excitedly following The Gamechangers, BBC Two’s attempt to cash in on the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and its perfect casting. And now we’ve got a trailer, with Daniel Radcliffe in a beard!

Granted, it’s a cheesy trailer; we don’t really see much of the movie, aside from a few brief snippets of Radcliffe being all edgy and dressing like a douchebag, and Paxton being more or less perfect as the king of smug. There are also protesters, because people took Grand Theft Auto too seriously. It’s too bad this isn’t about Bully; that game had some hilarious protesters.

I am intensely curious as to how the main players in this movie will react to this unauthorized biopic; Rockstar has already gone to court to stop it and Thompson will likely weigh in, as well. Neither party, in the end, comes off all that well: Sam Houser has had his share of run-ins with the press, and Thompson’s ultimate fall was pretty ugly if richly deserved. We’ll likely find out soon enough; The Gamechangers is running on BBC Two on September 15. Americans will likely see it on BBC America, although just when is still up in the air.

(via BBC)