Watch What Happens When This Fox News Panelist Says ‘Women Are Less Ambitious Than Men’

You’ll be shocked to hear this, but a Sean Hannity segment went completely sideways on Thursday night when writer Gavin McInnes suggested that women are less ambitious in the workplace, happier at home, and ultimately miserable because they put work ahead of their family. That, of course, led to an ugly back and forth with another panelist, commentator and attorney Tamara Holder.

Gavin McInnes: “The big picture here is that women do earn less in America because they choose to. They would rather go to their daughter’s dance recital than stay all night at work… They’re less ambitious.”
Tamara Holder: “What?!”
Gavin McInnes: “This is God’s way, nature’s way of saying women should be at home with the kids.”
Tamara Holder: “Your comments are absolutely deplorable.”

The best part about the clip is Holder’s facial reactions as McInnes continues to spout nonsense.

To makes matters worse, McInnes doubled down and got overly personal with this line: