‘Gen-V’: The Biggest Losing-It Reactions To That Sex Scene In The Season Premiere

(Spoilers for Gen V will be found below.)

School’s in for the kids of Gen-V and if fans thought the supes on The Boys were f*cked up, they clearly weren’t ready for what happens when raging hormones mix with mutagenic super serums.

The first three episodes of Amazon Prime’s highly anticipated spin-off dropped on Friday, introducing us to a cast of younger, even more troubled individuals with god-like powers and no earthly idea how to use them for good. And sure, guts were spilled, blood was spattered, and a girl Rick Moranis-ed herself so that she could livestream a cage match with a gerbil, but all of that is just background noise. What really got fans buzzing in the show’s season premiere, “God U,” was, naturally, a penis. A very large penis, relatively speaking.

After episodes like “Herogasm,” and that montage of Homelander literally banging Stormfront to death, genitalia shouldn’t still have the ability to surprise us when it pops up in Eric Kripke’s debauched superhero-verse. But somehow, the team behind Gen-V surpassed expectations, giving us one of the weirdest, most aWTF sex scenes we’ve seen on TV since … well, the season three premiere of The Boys. There’s less cocaine as Cricket (Lizzie Broadway) purges herself to half her size in order to fulfill a creep’s kink, but watching her hang onto a magnified d*ck like it’s one of those punching bags in gym class that the kids would wrap their bodies around to see who could stay on the longest is an image that won’t fade from our brains anytime soon.

And it sounds like Twitter feels the same. Here are some of the best reactions to the cringiest sex scene we’ve seen on TV in some time.