These Updated ‘Gilmore Girls’ Credits Will Give You The Warm Fuzzies

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is finally here, and it’s safe to say that reviews are a little mixed. As wonderful as it is to see Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop back in action, a few things are a little off. Yes, Rory is now the worst and there was an inexplicable musical, but one of the strangest things was the absence of the classic opening credits. While we did get cameos in the new episodes from Louise Goffin and her mother, the iconic Carole King, who recorded this version of “Where You Lead” together, the schmaltzy (in a good way!) credits were nowhere to be seen.

On Youtuber, rose tyler, decided to remedy the situation and recut new footage from the revival in the style of the old credits, complete with nostalgic theme song. Like much of Netflix’s new series, these credits are a wonderful trip down the memory lane of Stars Hollow, with the new reaction shots working seamlessly with the song and whimsical font. If we get a second series (and the fabled “last four words” suggest that we might!), they may want to consider making these a permanent addition, for old time’s sake.

(Via YouTube)