The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Cast Talk To Us About What Their Characters’ Current TV Obsessions Would Be

For the first time since the show went off the air in 2007, the Gilmore Girls cast and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino reunited. The coffee-infused magic happened at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, and nearly everyone from in and around Stars Hollow, minus Melissa McCarthy, but including stars Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and Kelly Bishop, was there. Edward Herrmann, who played patriarch Richard Gilmore, was the first one to agree to the reunion, but he sadly passed away late last year. A clip show of Richard’s best moments was the only time I cried, as did literally everyone else there. But the rest of the reunion was as joyful as Miss Patty.

You can read a full recap here, or watch the whole thing on Entertainment Weekly, or blast some Hep Alien. But before you do: I spoke to the cast about what their characters’ favorite current television show would be. I wasn’t able to get a response from Bledel, but I’m guessing she would’ve said Mad Men. THE KING ORDERED IT.

Yanic Truesdale (Michel)

Veep, because it’s so dry and sarcastic. Michel would’ve loved Veep.”

Jackson Belleville (Jackson)

Belleville: “That’s easy for me… and now I just changed my mind.”
UPROXX: “You were going to say Chopped, weren’t you?”
Belleville: “I was going to say, it’s easy for me because there really isn’t that big of a difference between me and my character. So, I think Game of Thrones.”
UPROXX: “Did Jackson chop off a lot of heads in his down time?”
Belleville: “With a cleaver. That’d be great.”

Liz Torres (Miss Patty)

“I think for Miss Patty, Dancing with the Stars.”

Danny Strong (Doyle)

UPROXX: “And you’re not allowed to say Empire.”
Strong: “Face the Nation. It’s informative and intelligent. Sometimes false.”
UPROXX: “Just like Doyle.”
Strong: “Sometimes filled with lies.”

Matt Czuchry (Logan)

The Newsroom would’ve been the one, but it was canceled. But I’m still going to say The Newsroom. He’s watching it on DVD again.”

John Cabrera (Bryan), Todd Lowe (Zack), Keiko Agena (Lane)

Cabrera: “Bryan’s would be Game of Thrones, obviously. Without question.”
Lowe: “Zack likes that new one, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. He’s into that.”
Agena: “I’ve never seen it, but Lane’s favorite show is True Detective.”
UPROXX: “You just know?”
Agena: “I’m just guessing.”
Lowe: “It’s a beautiful love story.”

Liza Weil (Paris)

Weil: “I’m going super highbrow and saying Wolf Hall.”
UPROXX: “She would be into PBS historical dramas.”
Weil: “And Mark Rylance. I think she’s a HUGE Mark Rylance fan.”

Milo Ventimiglia (Jess)

Ventimiglia: “Some f*cking obscure French sh*t.”
UPROXX: “I’m not even sure he’d own a TV.”
Ventimiglia: “I think Jess is a smart guy, he’s kind of a Hunter S. Thompson type. He’s a guy who was ahead of his time in a way, and doesn’t care how many thousands of fingers are on a pulse. That’s why I always appreciated what Amy and Dan had in Jess. Here’s a guy who just doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.”
UPROXX: “That’s why more people were Team You than anyone else.”

Arielle Kebbel (Lindsay)

Kebbel: “I’m going to be biased and say Ballers, because I’m on it.”
UPROXX: “Stars Hollow could’ve used more the Rock.”
Kebbel: “You and I agree on that one.”

Scott Patterson (Luke)

“Sports. ESPN. 24/7.”