The 5 Most Voice Of A Generation-y Lines Presented Completely Out Of Context From Last Night’s ‘Girls’

01.20.14 21 Comments

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By now anyone reading this knows that Lena Dunham is the voice of her generation, part Shakespeare, part Nora Ephron, offering self-aware, penetrating insights into the human condition — or, should I say, the twenty-something Brooklynite condition — via her HBO show, Girlsand anyone who disagrees is just a HATER or completely delusional. That said, as Drew Magary notes, Lena Dunham season is upon us, so each week we here at UPROXX will present our five favorite quotes from the previous night’s show completely out of context. You’re quite welcome.

So let’s get right to it and find out what sort of mind-bending things Hannah, Marnie, Ray, David Mamet’s daughter, that rape-y hipster dude, etc. said this week, shall we?

5“Did Caroline leave on her own or was she kicked out for stealing a light fixture or something?”

4. “You can wipe your nose with some toilet paper and you can f*cking get lost.”

3. “People are just so mean in the comments section.”

2. “I leave my body during sex. It’s called disassociation. It’s an anxiety symptom.”

1. “I made you something…it’s my tooth…Happy Birthday!”


“I’ll have a bunch of party pictures to post to Instagram, because I know he checks it.”

“I don’t read comments.”

“I’m gonna download Grindr on this, just temporarily.”

“You remember Adam from my period of mental illness?”

Tune in again next week for more Girls quotes presented complete out of context!


(Pics via HBO. GIF via Girls GIFs)

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