The Wildest Prestige Series On TV — ‘The Good Fight’ — Is Back

03.15.19 4 months ago

Justin Stephens/CBS

We live in a time when people believe that every single thing they think has to be vocalized or recorded in some form for the masses to see. That is why I’m starting this off by letting each and every one of you reading this know that, since first seeing the official trailer for The Good Fight’s third season, I’ve regularly said to myself: “The Good Fight? More like the good show.” It’s not particularly clever — in fact, it’s not clever at all and yet I definitely did the same thing when The Good Wife was still on the air — but much like the very concept of Whiskey Cavalier, it is my truth.

Now the show is finally back for said third season, with the premiere available to watch on everyone’s favorite CBS streaming service, CBS All Access. The season premiere, “The One Inspired by the Recent Troubles,” also marks the official return of my weekly reminders to friends, family, and strangers alike that The Good Fight is a show that manages to simultaneously be at the top of the “best show on TV” conversation while also being the most insane show on television.

Seriously, The Good Fight is a bonkers show, with a level of strangeness of which The Good Wife only ever scratched the surface. That The Good Fight somehow pulls off its ever-increasing bizarreness — simultaneously existing in the “real world” while doing everything it can to navigate the depths of surrealism — is an impressive feat, that unfortunately is rarely discussed because of the fact that it airs on CBS All Access. The thing is, The Good Fight would never exist in this form — or possibly at all — if it had to air on CBS proper.

Really, the most average thing about the series at this point is that the third season is apparently cribbing the Friends’ episode title format. (Although, every episode of The Good Fight could technically be titled “The One Inspired by the Recent Troubles.” The recent troubles in this particular episode are specifically #MeToo though.) So in honor of the return of the series and its third season, I’ve narrowed down the three moments in the season premiere that best capture why The Good Fight is a special show that can pretty much get away with anything it wants to do, apparently.

The Good Fight/CBS All Access

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