Good News! The Zombie Apocalypse Of ‘The Walking Dead’ May Be Coming To Your Hometown!

Uh, looks fun?

Hey, when watching The Walking Dead or reading the comics, having you ever caught yourself thinking that eking out a violent existence in a zombie-infested wasteland might be kind of fun? Well then, I’ve got some good news for you, you psychoThe Walking Dead Escape is going on tour!

The Walking Dead Escape, which was tested out in a couple cities last year, is basically an elaborate zombie obstacle course, typically set up in a baseball stadium or other large structure. You can participate either as a Survivor running the course, or a Walker out to munch the Survivor’s guts. You can check out a trailer of sorts for the experience below…

Here’s a full list of this year’s dates…

Baton Rouge, LA (April 24th), Houston, TX (April 26th), Miami, FL (May 3rd), Tampa, FL (May 10th), Jacksonville, FL (May 17th), New Orleans, LA (May 24th), Atlanta, GA (May 31st), San Diego, CA (July 25th & 26th).

You can grab tickets here. For an authentic experience, make sure to bring all your loved ones with you so they can be “killed” in front of you. Good times!

via Bleeding Cool