‘Gossip Girl’ Is A Good Show

01.07.11 8 Comments

Perhaps I should clarify, regarding the headline.  I have not watched a minute of “Gossip Girl.”  I have no idea if it is actually a “good” show by the standard criteria of television criticism: acting, writing, directing, cinematography, etc.  I do know, however, that they have collected a Murderer’s Row of hot tail on the program.  The angelic and perfect Blake Lively, the sexily troubled Leighton Meester, noted jailbait siren and raccoon Taylor Momsen, and, pictured above, Jessica Szohr.  Now, until about an hour ago, I had no idea what the hell a Jessica Szohr was.  Then she went and posed for a handful of pictures for a SoBe Lifewater shoot in nothing but bodypaint.  So, yeah, she’s on my radar now.

I’m not entirely sure what a smoking hot actress in paint clothes has to do with water, SoBe corporation, but I do know that you’re DOING.  IT.  RIGHT.  More companies should take your lead.  Need to advertise used cars?  Hot chicks in bodypaint.  High-speed Internet?  Hot chicks in bodypaint.  Hot chicks in bodypaint?  Hot chicks in bodypaint.  In conclusion, hot chicks in bodypaint.

After the jump, video of last year’s SoBe bodypaint shoot with Ashley Greene.  Ashley Greene is not Jessica Szohr or on a television show, making her barely relevant to this post or this blog.  But, as many celebrated journalism critics have noted , “Relevance schmelevance.  Look at those cans!”

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