Great News, Ladies: ‘Twin Peaks’ Creator David Lynch Is Making Sports Bras And Leggings Now

07.23.14 4 years ago 6 Comments
The David Lynch Foundation Honors Rick Rubin

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Attention, ladies of the world: David Lynch is now making a line comfortable women’s sportswear. So if you’ve ever been watching old reruns of Twin Peaks and thinking “I bet the guy who made this spooky show also makes comfortable, practical leggings in three different variations (standard, geometric, and geometric short),” congratulations, because you nailed it.

In collaboration with the activewear company Live The Process, the renowned transcendental meditator has decided to gift the world with workout clothes that complement his spiritually-inclined lifestyle. […]

The six-piece collection showcases two different sports bras, geometric-print leggings, shorts and a T-shirt that says “Change Begins Within”–all available in a limited edition Lynchian floral print. Prices range from $100 to $200, with proceeds going to the David Lynch Foundation. [Indiewire]

This is somehow both the most and least surprising thing I’ve ever heard, mostly because he’s David Lynch. Every headline about him is a potential Onion headline. Watch: “David Lynch Opens Vegan Taquería In Little Rock.” You don’t know if that’s a real thing or something I just made up. Or both. Hell, I don’t even know. And I’m afraid if I Google it I’ll stumble across images that show me eating there in 1974, years before I was even born. Such is the mysticism of David Lynch.


David Lynch's Sportswear

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