A Guy Interrupted A Foreign News Report With Angry Fart Noises

For about 18 seconds, this foreign news report goes swimmingly. Reporter asks woman question, woman begins to answer, etc. Then everything goes to hell, and it is mesmerizing. Allow me to explain.

  • A man wearing a white tank top and short shorts interrupts the interview by making fake puking noises.
  • The camera pans over to him.
  • He begins making loud, exaggerated fart sounds to express his displeasure with something.
  • He storms off, still yapping at the camera.
  • He stops, turns back to the camera, and gives it the finger in dramatic fashion.

Part of me is dying to know what’s going on here that threw this grown adult into such a rage that he stuck out his tongue and started making fart noises at other grown adults on live television, but another part of me — the more sensible, rational part — knows that it’s probably best to just accept this as is. Some things are meant to remain a mystery.

(via Comedy Wizard)