Guys. GUYS. Ginuwine Performed 'Pony' On Arsenio Last Night.

I’m sure there’s some stupid television-related story I should be covering right now, but that is not going to happen because Ginuwine performed “Pony” on Arsenio last night. Last night. March 25, 2014. And he did it as part of his new supergroup TGT, which also includes Tank and Tyrese. And the crowd at Arsenio’s show was literally 100% female. And they were GOING. NUTS. I mean, obviously.

Let’s walk through this step-by-step, shall we?

Okay, so first of all there is something like a full minute of milling about before the song starts, almost 30 seconds of which takes place in near silence after Tyrese got the crowd all hyped by doing a “WHEN I SAY ‘GINU’ YOU SAY ‘WINE'” call and response. This is hilarious because it resulted in a large crowd literally shouting “WINE” over and over again like a very coordinated mob of fancy alcoholics. We are off to a terrific start.

Moving along…

Then Ginuwine started dancing as the opening notes of the song played over the sound system, which is notable because, yo, Ginuwine’s still got it. In spurts, at least. He abandoned the dancing pretty quickly and just started engaging the crowd. This is understandle. Ginuwine is a 43-year-old man. You try jumping on it and riding it and such at 43, tough guy.

This lady in particular was very much feeling it, definitely and delightfully.

Arsenio, however, not so much.

(This is technically unfair and untrue, as Arsenio was actually looking at his phone to examine a photo he took of the performance, but it is much funnier to imagine Arsenio Hall screwing around with his cell phone while Ginuwine was running around his crowd grinding on multiple screaming women while performing “Pony,” so let’s just keep doing that.)

Oh, did I not mention that Ginuwine was running around the crowd grinding on multiple women? My deepest apologies. Yes, he was. The lady in this screencap actually jumped out of her seat and into the aisle for a Ginuwine grinding. (Ginu-grinding?) Like I said…



What were the other members of TGT doing while Ginuwine was rubbing up on every woman he encountered up and down the stairs? I’m glad you asked. Tyrese was running around continuing his hype man duties and grabbing his groin periodically…

… and Tank jumped up on the furniture, which I choose to believe resulted in a sternly worded letter from the show’s producers, and possibly even Arsenio himself. Maybe that’s what he was doing with his phone, sending Tank a text that read “GET OFF THE OTTOMAN, TANK!”

Then the performance just, like, ended, and everyone stopped singing and went home. Probably. Best performance ever. The end.